Project Description

Item Name Cold Weather Rectangular Sleeping Bag for Outdoor Camping
Item Number SB3016
Shell 100% Cotton
Lining 100% Cotton
Filling 300g/m2 3D Hollowfiber 1-layer
Size 210*85cm
Weight 2.3kgs
Temperature +5℃,+0℃
Use Outdoor Camping Hiking Travelling
OEM Warmly Welcome
Certiifcate ISO9001;SGS;BSCI Factory Audit


Mummy sleeping bags are possibly the most well-known bags among outdoorsmen for most reasons. They’re a must-possess for when the elements is cold, or if you find yourself camping at high altitudes. Mummy bags have a tendency to be their widest at the shoulders and taper right down to a narrower mind and footbox. They’re also lightweight, because of the fact that they use much less material than other bag types, and the low amount of inner air flow space provides more warmth. Their narrow design could make sleeping a little bit too snug or uncomfortable for some, though, and they tend to be the priciest bag type, so you’ll have to choose for yourself if a mummy handbag is correct for you.

Rectangular Sleeping Bag have a tendency to offer more sleeping room, this also creates much more air space that the body must heat up, making them just a little unfit for colder climate. Furthermore, rectangular bags tend to become heavier and bulkier, producing them a cumbersome for a few backpackers, but they could be fully unzipped to make a comforter. Unlike mummy bags, rectangular ones hardly ever have a hood. Generally, they’re best for individuals who move a whole lot while they rest or those that don’t want to invest a lot.

Now, you could also have the ability to find hybrid hand bags that fall someplace among the two in the above list. These luggage are wider at both shoulders and hips, but also taper to the top and footbox. They’re heavier, but roomier than mummy bags, and in addition lighter than rectangular hand bags. Hybrid bags are excellent for individuals who find mummy luggage to be as well restrictive, or rectangular bags too cold.

Many campers and hikers have a tendency to appear at either cost or feature if they look at a bit of outdoor gear, especially sleeping bags. The suggestions outlined above can help blur the lines of factor next time you’re turning your mind from a rectangle bag to a mummy handbag, and back again.